Paschall Family Pictures

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Six Paschall daughters.jpg (615697 bytes)

Pictures sent in by Niki Lee from Lewiston, Idaho
This photo is of the six daughters of Robert A and Mary (Molly) Paschall.
They are back row left to right: Roberta Elder, Estalea Coble, and Ollie Culwell
Front row left to right: Ethel Coleman, Ruth Pewitt, and Exia Boase
I don't know for sure when this photo was taken but I am guessing about 1910. Exia was the youngest daughter and she was born in 1895 and I think she looks to be about 15 years old here.

Addie Barfield Paschall on motorcyle about 1920 with unknown girl.jpg (645389 bytes)

Pictures sent in by Niki Lee from Lewiston, Idaho
This photo is of my grandmother, Margaret Adeline (Addie) Barfield Paschall on a motorcycle. For a long time I thought she was actually riding it, but if you look closely you can see that the kickstand is down. I assumed, too, that the girl behind her was one of her sisters but it isn't. I wish someone could identify her. I'm not positive where this photo was taken. It's possible it was taken near Burkburnett, Texas, which is where she lived for a time after she and my grandfather, Elmer Paschall, married in 1921. She looks so young in this photo, however, I tend to believe it was taken prior to her marriage. But the number of oil rigs dotting the landscape may be the clue. I know that Burkburnett was a beehive of oil exploration around that time, but I don't know if the same thing was going on around Wise County then or not. Someone who knows more about the history of the county could probably better pinpoint when oil drilling was in full swing.

Elmer Paschall and Unk Easley PS blk and whi jpg.jpg (240565 bytes)

This photo is of my grandfather, Elmer Paschall, and a good friend of his, Earnest D. Easley, who was just called "Unk" by the family. He wasn't related, but he and his wife Ruby Mae were really good friends to my grandparents. Ruby Mae was a school teacher (and I think she was later the principal) in the Azle schools.
This photo was taken right after Unk returned from his service in WWII so I am guessing it was in about 1946. My mother told me that he was perhaps involved in the liberation of a concentration camp somewhere in Europe.
I assume the photo was taken in downtown Bridgeport so that is why I am sending it to you. I don't recall Goode's Cafe but maybe someone does, and that would at least pinpoint the location of this photo.

Molly Dill Paschall and children except Claude PS jpg.jpg (1288226 bytes)

I have been meaning to send this photo to you for the past few days but needed my mother to positively identify who was who.
My great grandmother, Mary "Molly" Dill Paschall is seated in the middle surrounded by all her children except one son, Claude Paschall. No one remembers what the occasion was for this photo but it is believed that the gathering was for a family member's funeral. Because my great aunt Roberta Elder was present I can date this photo as being prior to 1936 when she died. My grandfather was born in 1901 and because I believe he looks to be in his 30's here, I think this photo was probably taken in the mid 1930's.
The row of people in the back are left to right: Exia Boase, Ruth Pewitt, Ethel Coleman, Estie Coble, Roberta Elder, Ollie Culwell and Edgar Paschall.
The three men seated in front are left to right: Richard, Lloyd and Elmer Paschall.

Elmer Paschall's grocery store and service station in Cottondale.jpg (372077 bytes)

This photograph was taken in the early to mid 1930's at Elmer Paschall's grocery store and service station in Cottondale. The only person my mother could identify in this photo is her brother Bill Paschall who is standing in front, wearing overalls and a cowboy hat.

Cottondale Store - 1999.jpg (508759 bytes)

1940s Cottondale Store - 1999.jpg (511727 bytes)

The 2 pictures above are from the Bridgeport Index 1999. Click on them and they will enlarge big enough to read.