Splawn Family Pictures

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The following are copies of William M. Splawn and Caroline Clementine (Human) Splawn’s bible. 
They were living in Wise Co. TX at least by 1880.
Caroline and the last child, Alley May Splawn are buried in the Chico Cem. And William was reportedly buried near the family home in Wise Co. Texas. The grave has yet to be found.
These very old records were sent in by
Troy D. Splawn , Rt. 1 Box 1232 , Antlers, OK 74523 thesplawnfamily3@hotmail.com

Splawn births 001.jpg (4020174 bytes)

Willie C. Splawn was born August the 9th 1862      (All children born in Smith Co. Texas until 1880)
Eliza Splawn        “          “    March the 10th 1866
Jessie M. Splawn  “     “       November  the 11th 1869
Benjaman Franklin Splawn  April the 10th 1872
Thomas Splawn  “        “     March 13th 1874
Henry B. Splawn   “      “     July the 9th 1876
George Gillmer Splawn  “  January the 30th 1879
James Madison Splawn  “  April the 15th 1882     (Children born after 1880 born in Wise Co. Texas.)
Joel Adison Splawn           “  December the 30th 1884
Woody Splawn     “     “      July the 24th 1888
Alley May Splawn  “    “     March the 28th 1890

Splawn marriages 001.jpg (3906215 bytes)

William Splawn to Caroline Clementine Human March 9th 1859  (Smith Co. Texas)
Wm. Splawn bornd July 3, 1837 
Caroline C. bornd May 9, 1843
Mr. Tohmas Splawn was married to Miss Lillian M. Bass December the 13 1897

Splawn deaths 001.jpg (3738558 bytes)

C.C. Splawn died March the 28th 1890 borend May the 9th 1843
Aley May Splawn borned March the 28th 1890 and died July the 1st 1890
(Both buried in the Chico Texas Cemetery.)
S.C. Mobley died January 9th 1902
W.M. Splawn died December the 23rd 1902 age 67 (actual age was 65.)
Maggie Splawn died Feb the 3 1903 age 20 yr.

William Splawn 1890 001.jpg (1128791 bytes)

This is William M. Splawn and his sons at their home near Aurora, Wise Co. Texas about 1890. Names are as follows Left to right: Henry, 14, Thomas, 16, Woody, 2, William M. Splawn, 53, (the father), behind him, Benjamin, 18, Jessie, 21, (with hat on) George, 11, back up front (my great grandpa), holding puppy is either James, 8 or Joel Splawn, 6, and a little black boy not identified.

Splawn clock 001.jpg (4137597 bytes)

When William M. Splawn died 23 Dec 1902, my great grandpa George G. Splawn told he brought the Spawn clock back to his home in Marietta, Indian Territory on horseback, reports he swam his horse across the Red River with the clock across his lap.