Hembree Family Pictures

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All of the pictures below were sent in by Mary Shelton Curbow mcurbow704@att.net
See also the pictures and her letter under the Hardy/McClary button link

Will and Maggie Hembree with children.jpg (188804 bytes)   Will Hembree Family.jpg (260622 bytes)

This picture is of the Hembree, Sendibaugh and Anderson families. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Betty Hall Hembree.jpg (365080 bytes)   my uncle William Eugene (called Gene) Hembree. He was 15 years older than my mother.jpg (190741 bytes)

The pictures below are of Joseph Johnson Hembree and Ada Frances Currie Hembree. 
The first 2 pictures were taken on their wedding day. Click any picture to enlarge

Wedding Day-Ada Hembree.jpg (168580 bytes)   Wedding Day-Joe Hembree.jpg (401948 bytes)

Ada Frances Currie Hembree.jpg (268521 bytes)  Ada Frances Currie Hembree 2.jpg (224129 bytes)   Ada Curry Hembree.jpg (446080 bytes)

Joe Hembree and Siblings.jpg (330881 bytes)

The picture above is of Joseph Hembree and his siblings. Click pictures to enlarge. Last picture is full size.

Joe and Ada Hembree.jpg (271665 bytes)